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Realtors & Prospective Residents

Realtors & Prospective Residents

Thank you for your interest in HEBGC.  Some formation contained here is also for realtors.

Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club (HEBGC) is a full built-out community, so there is no sales office.  It is best to contact a realtor of your choice.  Many realtors can be found in the Club newsletter which is located on the HEBGC website in the main menu and the About Us section.

If you wish to view the Clubhouse, the virtual tour of the Clubhouse and amenities can be found on the website at:

Amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Clubhouse
    • Restaurant
    • Pools, indoor and seasonally outdoor
    • Workout room
    • Meeting rooms - banquets, parties, celebrations of life, etc.
  • Golf Course
  • Bocce Courts
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Clubs/Groups/Subcommittees


Questions regarding age restrictions, type of homes in Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club, Master Board and Sub-Associations, what is included in the monthly assessments for Single Family, Traditions, and Village, etc., can be found below.  If, after reviewing the information below, you still have questions, please contact Community Manager, Diane Langley, at or 720-235-1827. 

Many answers can be found on the HEBGC website at on the drop-down menu under HOA/FAQ under (About Us) on the website including Monthly Assessment information for all three (3) types of homes.  Please note that both Traditions and Villages Sub-Associations are self-managed by their own set of Board of Directors.  We can field many questions about sub-associations.  Any questions beyond regular standard HOA questions can be directed to either of their Hotline numbers at 303-343-4011.

View the HEBGC Map
View the HEBMA Fees for Selling or Buying a Home
View the HEB Annual Disclosure
View the TEB Annual Disclosure
View the VEB Annual Disclosure

Home Types

There are three (3) different types of homes in Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club. Single Family, Traditions (Duplex) and Village (Townhomes). If you are moving into a Traditions or Village property, you are a member of the Master and a member of a Sub-Association with a separate Board and Governing Documents. You will pay an additional monthly Assessment beyond the Master which will include things not included for Single Family homes. It is important to understand which type of home you are moving in to. They have different insurance requirements. Single Family homes are to have full coverage insurance. Traditions duplexes are also to be insured like a Single-Family home. Realtors, please make sure that your clients are informed before they move into the community.

View the 2023 Community Assessments and the break down of what is covered

There are a total of 1442 homes in HEBGC as follows:

  • Master homes - 830
  • Traditions homes - 371
  • Village homes - 271
The three (3) types of homes each have different insurance requirements:
  • Single Family homes are to have full coverage insurance
  • Traditions duplexes are also to be insured like a Single Family home
  • Villages exterior insurance is provided for in their monthly HOA assessments.
Realtors, please make sure that your clients are informed before they move into the community.

Status Letters, Closing Fees, Etc.

All questions regarding Status Letters, Closings, Transfer Fees and other fees, etc., should be directed to MSI via Kristen Kennedy at or 720-974-4189. MSI is our third party contracted Vendor who handles the collection of Assessments.

In order to understand a Settlement Statement provided you by the Title Company prior to closing, please work with them so you understand the fees collected and due at closing.

Governing Documents

Sellers can provide all Community Governing Documents, Financials, Minutes, Audits etc. to Buyers by logging into the Resident-Only side of the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club Website at at no cost to them. If a resident doesn’t have a log-in, they can obtain one from Jeff Lambert at or (720) 235-1857 x157. Please provide him with your choice of Username & Password. Jeff will set up your login and email you back. Alternatively, governing documents can also be purchased at


Realtors—please remember we only use the small metal signs here in HEBGC, not the large wooden armed Real Estate signs. Signs must be three (3) feet from the home and parallel to the home not down by the street. (Up close to and in line with the house.) See Signs in HEB for additional information.

Realtor Signs in HEBGC

Open Houses

Open Houses are only permitted on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am–4:00pm only. Signs are allowed only outside the gates, and directional signs only inside the gates. Signs must be removed by 5:00pm.

Age Restriction

HEBGC is a 55+ and 45+ age restricted community with no one under 19 years of age permitted to reside here.  If you have any questions on this, please email us at


One year leases are preferred.  Persons residing in HEBGC must meet the age restriction qualifications noted above and register with the HOA Administration Office prior to or immediately after moving in.  Please contact the Community Manager, Diane Langley via email at for questions of leasing.  No short-term rentals allowed.

Exterior Improvements

Exterior improvements may be applied for by following the Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGS).  Homeowners submit AAC forms, plot plan, drawing, before photos, etc., to the AAC (Architectural Advisory Committee) through the Administrative Building and must receive approval prior to beginning any project.

Fences / Pet Areas

Fences are permitted as provided for in the Residential Improvement Guidelines, which is generally 200 sf and either the split rail fencing or black metal tube fencing, no higher than 42".  No dog runs are allowed.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds, containers or otherwise are not permitted in HEBGC.  All items must be stored out of sight.

Trash / Recycling

Trash and recycling bins are provided by Waste Connections and should be left at the home by the previous homeowner.  Trash is picked up every Thursday and recycling is picked up every other Thursday.  Bins must be stored out of sight between pickups.

Estate Sales / Moving Sales

Estate and moving sales require the request and submittal of forms to the Administration Building for review and approval prior to scheduling.  These are permitted on Fridays and Saturdays only.  No Sundays.  Please note that Garage Sales are not permitted.

Board Meetings

Master homeowner's association (HOA) meetings are held monthly, and we encourage attendance at these meetings.  Traditions and Village meetings are held quarterly, and we encourage attendance at these meetings as well.


In the Village units, all vehicles must be stored in the garage. There is no “driveway” in the Village Units. The drives are “shared” and considered Fire Lanes. Also, in all three (3) types of homes: Single Family, Traditions and Village, cars cannot be stored on the streets or in visitor lots. Please keep this in mind if you have too many vehicles for the unit you are considering.


Regarding dogs, cats, and other pets, we follow the City of Aurora rules including: dog breeds, number of dogs allowed and leash laws, etc.  Please report excessive barking or aggressive dogs, or dogs off leash directly to Aurora Animal Control at 303-739-7000, or or after-hours police dispatchers at 303-627-3100. 

When informed, the HOA can send notices, but Animal Control can provide more services.

Sewer Lines

Homeowners are responsible for the sewer line from the home to the street.


A monthly newsletter is mailed to each address in HEBGC.  Advertising opportunities are available by emailing or calling 720-235-1831.

Orientation / Registration

All new Homeowners are required to complete a New Homeowner Orientation following closing.  Please contact Jillian Wyatt, Assistant Community Manager, to set up an appointment at 720-235-1831 or or Alison Gulley at or 720-235-1827.  Homeowners will need to bring ID's for all persons living in the home and the Warranty Deed from the closing documents.  This step is required to maintain our Age Restriction and is also a great way to learn all about the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Community!  Much Community information is provided to make your move-in easier.  Realtors, please remind your clients of this important step.

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