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Choosing A Wedding Date

How to choose a wedding date

Don't lock into one wedding date just yet.  Keep your options open before you tour venues

Keep it general. Choose a range. Such as... what year? What season?

You will have more flexibility to say yes to the venue if you choose a time of year, rather than a calendar date.

If you do have an fixed date, and it's very important to you as one of your must-haves, make sure you determine the availability of that date before you tour venues.

The best method for finding your wedding date

  • Tour the venues and take stock of your first impressions and then narrow down your picks of venues.
  • View and discuss all available dates during your tours with the lead venue contact.
  • Confirm the dates with your must-have guests (family, bridal party, etc.).

Venue Questions

Keep in mind popular engagement days can affect venue availability

Most engagements happen between November and December. This is Engagement Season!

The most popular days to get engaged

If you're touring venues during engagement season, many other couples are too. Venue bookings are first come, first served and you will need to officially book the date, usually with a signed contract and/or a deposit to hold the date.

Consider the Weather

  • No doubt the weather plays a big part in the choice for a wedding date.
  • We all know weather in Colorado can be wildly unpredictable, especially during the summer with the afternoon rain storms.
  • Be mindful in choosing a wedding date base solely on weather. As we all know, winter doesn't always mean snow and summer doesn't always mean heat. That's why we love Colorado so much!
  • Big Tip: Make sure your venue has an inclement weather option and ask about options during your tour. Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club has an outdoor ceremony site but can easily move everything inside if need be.
  • Also keep in mind the location of the sun during each season in relation to the ceremony location.

Personal Schedules

Consider the Must-Have people of your wedding.

  • The Family. Just those who are essential attendees.
  • The Bridal Party of course
  • The Friends. Not just any friends though. The must-haves that aren't part of the bridal party.

Considering those essential people, are there any dates that are determined "black-out" dates? Keep in mind work, school, holidays, and travel time considerations.

Engagement Duration

You can give guests lots of time to make arrangements by sending Save the Date emails or cards. Are guests local or out of town/state. You may need more time if guests will be traveling from far away. Sometimes a holiday or long weekend to can help optimize travel and/or work schedules.

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