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Should You Have An Open Bar at Your Wedding?

Open Bar at Your Weeding

People like to go to weddings for the romance and to celebrate with friends and family, of course. The other thing guests like to for is the open bar! A lot of weddings have an open bar and guests have come to expect it. Even if it is a keg or two or bottles from the bottom shelf for an hour or two, it is still better than nothing. If budgeting is a problem, consider moving funds from other areas. Guests will talk about your wedding night for a long time and unless it is an intentionally dry wedding, you don't want that to be what they remember most.

Now that is all out in the open, Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club can help you tailor your open bar with many affordable options. If you are on a limited budget, it's best to stick with beer and wine. It's the least expensive way and also the safest. If you want to go the liquor and mixed drink route, just keep in mind (as you know) liquor will hit you harder and faster. The last thing you want for your wedding day, is out of control guests.

Weigh the options with your fiancé and keep the communication line open with them about what you are both comfortable with serving your guests and why.

Jennifer Stoneking, our Director of Sales and Catering can share our current Hosted Bar Menu you with you when you contact her at (720) 235-1822 or You can also see this list when you have your site tour at the Club.

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