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Wedding Vendors You Need & Ones You Might Not
April 27, 2020- Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club, Aurora, Colorado

Photography by Libby Holmes Photography

Saving money on weddings is definitely a trend in Colorado and DIY weddings have become more and more popular.
Because you can literally save thousands on your wedding and reception.  While every couple is different when it comes to planning the wedding, there are some things that are more important than others.  Of course, it all depends on what you and your partner want and what you think is most important.



Having a coordinator or planner can take the stress off your shoulders.  Every coordinator will offer differrent things they can do for you such as picking out the the invites, the look, and even book other vendors.  At Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club, Jennifer Stoneking, our Director of Sales and Catering can help relieve the stress of having to do everything yourself.  She has a list of trusted vendors to give you and will work with you to make sure your wedding day is perfect... at no additional cost!

The Grand Entrance to the Ceremony Site



Caterers are very important and can provide food, drinks, linen, silverware, drinkware, flatware and more.  The Club has on-site catering and can fully customize your menu to meet your budget from our Wedding Catalog.  Room rental in the 37,000 square foot clubhouse includes tables, chairs, linens, some decorations, setup, tear down and more.  HEBGC also provides bartenders for full service bar packages for your reception.
You are invited to bring your own cake, cupcakes or other store bought desserts to your reception.

Photography by Elevate Photography


DJ's can be expensive, like any other wedding vendor.  You can choose to forgo a DJ, and play music and video from HEBGC's new state-of-the-art audio/visual system.  You can always bring in your playlist and play it of the system which also includes room-wide speakers and microphones.  For the ceremony, you can always have a friend or relative play your song as you head down the aisle.
With that being said, ff you do decide to go with a DJ, Jennifer can always point you in the right direction with trusted DJ's on her preferred vendor list.  If booking a DJ is important to you, then you should definitely book a DJ.  Amazing DJ's can be worth every penny and truly make your wedding night stand out.

Photography by Elevate Photography

Photographers & Videographers

Photographers are very important to capture your special day and the reason you will look back on your wedding day and remember all the details and probably see some you missed.  A lot of professional photographers now have many different packages to choose from and include video and even drone shots.
Some weddings at HEBGC have opted a more DIY approach, by using a talented family member or friend to take those photos.  We have also seen couples provide disposable cameras to guests and then develop the shots later.  It's always fun to see all the creative shots.  Some couples have also setup photo booths which can certainly save money.
The most important thing to consider is what you are comfortable with budget-wise and personality-wise.  Every photographer is different so make sure you and your partner are at ease with their vision and skill set.

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